Gradual Reopening for COVID19 Announced!

Update: May 28, 2019. In a surprise announcement last night, the Chief Officer of Health for Ontario has allowed us to gradually resume treatments. Priority is to go to those who are truly suffering. There will be many changes, including some that will impact you: You will be asked to answer COVID19 screening at the time you book your appointment; please bring your own reusable mask with you to your appointment; you will be asked to perform hand hygiene and another COVID19 screening when you arrive. If you arrive in your own vehicle, please stay in your vehicle until 2 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment time to ensure maximal spacing between yourself and the previous patient. If you came by foot, bike, or public transit, please wait outside until just before your appointment, unless the weather is inclement, then of course, come on in and perform your hand hygiene.

I will be trying to set up the Tap feature for debit and credit card users. Due to increased infection control, increased costs, increased demand, rates have gone up considerably. If you do not have benefits and this is a hardship, kindly let me know. I will try to work out something for you.

Vulnerable patients will be prioritized in the mornings, and anticipated first appointments will be starting June 1st.

The floor has just been torn up; it could take some time for this to be repaired. Please be patient with the construction scenery! Maitland Massage is also trying out a new booking software for improved record keeping. You may wish to book by telephone if the booking calendar is no longer open. There is a lot of disruption, but I’m sure you will be able to enjoy your upcoming treatment, provided you are able to stay COVID19 negative, of course! Stay healthy, and we shall see you soon! ~ Melanie


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